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V\ \^\ \ 

ii,. fsr-jD. 










■ T ' ' ' T ' 'ir '''i — : -"~j""~ j — 7 


• When dry batteries are used: 

1. Set ON/OFF switch to "OFF". 

2. Remove the lid of the battery case on 
the back side of the body by pusing it in 
the arrow-mark direction. 

3. Put 4 UM-2 (size "C") dry batteries in 
place confirming the position of their 
+ - polarities in the case. 

4. For closing the lid set both ends of the 
lid in the grooves on the body and slide 
the lid in the arrow-mark direction. 

• When AC adaptor is used: 

1 . Buy the AC adaptor at the shop where 
you bought. 

2. Turn off the switch, and then insert the 
plug of AC adaptor into the jack on the 
top of the body. 

3. Insert the AC adaptor into your house- 
hold plug consent. 

• Ratings of AC adaptor used: 

1. Input power source voltage: AC100V 
50Hz, 60Hz. 

2. Output voltage: DC 6V. 

3. Load current: 300 mA. 

4. Plug diameter: 2.5 mm. 

5. + -: The inside is + and the outside is — . 






• (GAME-1/OFF/GAME-2) 






n i? 80 

The formation of 

-g~8 Descending 

* Bomb from 

A Missile 
£h Barriar 

Missile Station 

I 1 Destruction of 
Missile Station 

* Star 


1 . Set the game switch/power switch at either the position 1 (Game 1 ) or 2 (Game 2). 

* After the fanfare sounded announcing the start of game, the display panel is shown. 

2. Invaders that parted from the formation descend and attack the Missile Launching Sites 
with their bombs. Dodge the bombs, level at the oncoming invaders and launch missiles 
■from the Launching Site to shoot down the invaders. 

* Only the descending invaders can be shot down by missiles. Those flying in formation can 
not be done so. 

* No bombs falling from invaders can be destroyed by missiles. 

3. Turn the Missile Station Shift lever to the left/right to shift the station. 

* You must move the Missile Station left or right promptly from behind the barrier if it is 
totally destroyed, for the bombs from invaders will easily destroy the station behind it. 

4. Only one missile can be sent up into space at a time. You must depress the Missile Firing 

* You can fire missiles from behind the barrier. The barrier is not destroyed by doing so. 

5. The invaders not shot down by missiles fly against the Missile Station. Move it quickly 
away from the bombs. 

* If an invader flies against and hits the Missile Station, the invader as well as the Station will 
be destroyed. When it fails to hit the station, it appears again from under the formation. 

6. Whenever the missile shoots down an invader, the score is automatically totaled and shown. 

* Score differs with the altitude the invader is shot down 100, 200 or 300 points are scored 
per shot-down invader. 

7. The next battle pattern appears every time when the 2 formations of 4 and 6 invaders are 
totally destroyed. 

8. The game is over when the 3 Missile Stations were destroyed by invaders or their bombs, 
or when the score reached the highest 10,000 points. The player with the highest points 
wins the game. 

9. To play again, turn on the game switch/power switch without fail and then begin from the 
procedure (1). 

Direction of bodily attack ofjthe invader] 

When the invader comes to just above the barrier. 

* The invader does not fly against the barrier. 

* The invader descending to just above the barrier always misses it to 
ff^ ffi^ the right or the left. 

* The invader, when descended from the upper left sky, flies to the 
lower right of the barrier, when descended from the upper right sky, 
flies to the lower left of the barrier, and when came from just above 

<h ^Sj the barrier, goes away in the same direction as that it turned last in its 

^^ ^^ descending flight. 

* It remains to be seen which direction, left or right, the invader de- 
scending vertically to the barrier will turn. 

^V \^v \^ 

• When the invader comes between 2 missile launching sites. 

* The invader which escaped the attack by missiles flies against the 
missile station. 

lf*§l * The invader descending between 2 missile stations always bodily 

A attacks the external side of the station. 

db * The direction of its bodily attack is the direction it turned last in the 
descending flight. 
B3 K3 * '* rerna ' ns to De seen which direction, left or right, the invader de- 
scending vertically toward between the missile stations will make a 
bodily attack. 

• When the invader comes to the left/right end of the Missile Station 

* Invaders which have descended to the left or right end of the missile 
station always hit the internal side of the station. 

^^j j|5^l * Even if all the barriers are destroyed, the pattern of invader's descend- 

/ ing flight and the direction of its attack remain unchanged. 

f* ft 


• If the dry batteries are worn out, the following phenomena occur. Replace them with near 
ones earlier. 

* The light in the fluorescent display tube becomes weak or disappears. 

* The indication in the fluorescent display tube becomes abnormal. 

* Unusual sounds occur. 

• This product is a high precision one consisting of electronic parts. Please elongate its life by 
observing the following instructions. 

* Never disassemble it. 

* Do not give it impacts by striking it against things or dropping it. 

* Do not use or store it at places with a high temperature or moisture, or with much dust. 

* Use the button and lever properly in accordance with the instructions. 

* Remove the dry batteries when the game is not played over a long time.